Friday, October 31, 2008

"Halloween candy is for trick or treaters."

I do give some of my candy stash to the cute little people who stomp to the door all glossy-eyed from their sugar highs and the power to demand stuff from grown-ups. How cool! Their parents are always warning them not to accept candy from strangers, but on this one night, they can threaten strangers with malevolent antics if they don't fork over some of the sweet stuff. Anyway, every year, I estimate the number of neighborhood trick-or-treaters, multiply the number by 12, and purchase that amount of snack sized chocolates, plus a few extra. Curiously, I always end up with a surplus--enough to last 'til Easter, when I seem to amass extra hollow chocolate bunnies with names like Sunny and Iris that make me feel a twinge of anthropomorphic-ized guilt as I bite off their heads.